The woes of peanut butter

Hello blogging world!

Since this is my first post I thought I’d keep it nice and simple. Also, I should be writing an essay for my Later Romantic Literature course but have decided to start-up a blog instead; Ah, the places where procrastination will take you!

Anyways, I digress. Today, while I was contemplating the many reasons why I am infatuated with peanut butter, (this is a topic that will deserve its own post in the future; actually possibly a whole new blog would be needed for this task…, there was one aspect of my beloved peanut butter that I found quite irksome. Ya know when you get that all-natural peanut buttery goodness and it comes with a warning, “Oil seperation naturally occurs with this product. Stir fully before use”? Well, what they don’t inform you of is how stirring that full to the brim jar of PB is like trying to balance 3 plates and a glass of wine into your room all in one trip; that shit just ain’t gonna happen without a whole lotta broken plates, tears, and desperate attempts to salvage food that is covered in specks of dirt and what appears to be dog hair… and you don’t even own a dog. (This may or may not have happened to me in the past month. several times. And for  future reference, when I say a “glass” of wine, I mean a bottle.)


Now, if you fellow pb lovers out there share my qualms, don’t despair! I have a solution that won’t require you to try and stir that peanut butter anymore like a Mennonite churning butter. Simply flip that jar upside down and leave it  for a few hours; some sort of magic happens in there and the next time you open it you will not be confronted with an oily mass of liquid interspersed with lumps of hard peanut. Instead, you’ll be confronted with the perfect creamy consistency that we were are all promised in those Skippy commercials, goddamnit!

And with that, here’s a picture of my technique in action.


Now I’m off to work on that essay I mentioned earlier… Goodnight!


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